Monday, October 7, 2013

A Day Of Moving...For Clothes

Twice a year when the weather changes we go downstairs and bring up the clothes, clothes that needed swapping. Saturday turned out to be that day.

We have four children, three sons and a daughter. And we store the kid's clothes. We do this to save money--that's the main reason. As all parents know, when kids grow out of their clothes, they're still in good shape (generally...) so we fold them, put them in a large plastic storage containers, and stow the containers in the basement.


Another reason we pack the clothes away is because we lack the storage space to have all the kid's clothes in their rooms all year. So in the spring we pack away the winter clothes and in the fall we pull them out again.

This year we bought those space bags. I know we're late to the party, but those things are great! Now the kids have their winterwear available, we have more storage space in the basement, empty plastic storage containers to use for other things, and the kids totally loved watching the vacuum suck the air out of the space bags. It's a win-win-win-win situation.

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