Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Little Inspiration...

This morning, as we did our weekly grocery shopping, I stopped for a little breakfast and that's when I saw this sign.

So, at this establishment at least, you can pay with your phone. There are perhaps many places like this. Personally I think this could be a fantastic idea (except if you're one of those people who fear a cashless society--which we kind of have now...), but what I thought about when I saw the sign was a story I started a few months ago.

With the conventions that took place the last few months and work getting crazy, I had forgotten about the story, but seeing this option at McDonald's reminded me of the story and why I was so excited about it.

You see, it's about a guy who never carries a wallet with him--no cash, no I.D., only his phone. And he doesn't drive, so no driver's license. And there's a crazy situation where someone takes his phone, drugs him, and sends him on a Greyhound bus to El Paso, Texas. So now the guy has no I.D. and no way to pay for anything and he finds himself in El Paso, Texas, where no one knows who he is because he's got no phone, no cash and no I.D. (sorry, I mentioned that already...). Then, the hilarity ensues!

The story's almost halfway through the first draft. I should finish that. All from a little sign.

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