Sunday, October 6, 2013

Child Of The Underworld, By Marian Rosarum...A Review

The following is a review of the another story in the upcoming Shades And Shadows Paranormal Anthology, to be released Halloween Day, 2013 from Xchyler Publishing. There are nine short stories focused on the paranormal, as well as a forward by the multi-talented Ben Hansen of SyFy Channel's Fact or Faked. This story in the anthology is titled Child of the Underworld, by Marian Rosarum.

This story, Child of the Underworld, was a departure from the other stories I've read in the anthology. That's not completely fair to say because every story is different, but this one was like none of the others I've read so far.

Rosarum does a great job. Her style is rich and involving. By using uses words which compliment without overwhelming the story the author creates an underground world where the rules of survival are harsh and unforgiving. The main character, Princess Lara searches desperately for a way out of her world, or her jail. She finds an ally and makes her escape. 

As colorless and void of life is the realm below, the world above eclipses anything Lara's heard about or dreamed about. However, as is with most things, what Lara wants most comes with conditions she coud not have anticipated (unless, Lara would have followed her mother's advice...).

The story reminded me of a classic mother/daughter tale. We have rebellion, desire, betrayal, and an ending which leaves the reader wondering what actually comes next. Will Lara's dream become a reality? Or will it turn into a nightmare? You can find out when Shades And Shadows Paranormal Anthology is available from Xchyler Publishing on Halloween Day, 2013.

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