Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coffee Money...A Short Story


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I took a break from my weekly photo prompt writing. But the photo and words for this week proved to powerful a draw. Again, if you don't know the rules, here they are:

1) Use the photo and the 5 words provided in your story
2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.
3) You have until next Tuesday to link up your post.
4) Link up your story at these sites here: Leanne or Tena.  
5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow.

 Here’s the five words:


 Well, we'll see what you think after a couple of week's off.

 Coffee Money

Carmen sighed as she pulled up her bank account on her iPhone while laying in bed not wanting to get up. "Crap," she said to the still morning air. Her vacant balance a result of a "punch-drunk" shopping spree over the weekend. The shoes? Well, she just had to have those.

The glace also reminded Carmen that today was Monday and that she had a meeting with her boss to discuss her new position with the company, new as of 8 a.m. this morning, and the meeting was scheduled to take place in a mere ninety minutes.

"Coffee," her gravely voice broke the silence. "I need coffee." She reluctantly rose and stretched. She completed her morning routine quickly and spotted a ten dollar bill on the nightstand as she headed out the bedroom.

"Yes!" she said as she grabbed the bill and stuffed it into the pocket of her business suit. "Thank you," the slim woman glanced skyward.

Fortunately she lived close to her office, she thought as she piloted her quick import through the semi-busy streets. Just beyond the butcher shop stood her salvation--her favorite coffee shop where the $10 bill would be put to good use, perhaps the best money spent by anyone anywhere. 

She needed to stop by the butcher's after work--no time this morning--and pick up something for dinner. Rick was coming over and she didn't want take-out, again. She laughed when she thought of the butcher. Of course, stopping meant enduring his constant flirting from the diminutive man from Juarez who tried relentlessly to ask the young accountant out, only to be rebuffed each time. Oh, the gossip he'd tell if she ever agreed to his advances. He'll try again; he always did.

The thought of coffee evaporated the thoughts of the butcher and his unnecessary unbuttoned Cabana shirt and velvet bullfight posters. Carmen rounded the corner and found a parking spot right next to the coffee shop. As she jumped from the driver's seat to exit the car, the bill she had in her fingers slipped and fluttered back into the car, unfortunately landing in a void vacated by a missing cup holder in the car's console. 

"No," Carmen said as she watched the ten spot disappear inside the belly of her car. She climbed back in and tried retrieving the bill with her fingers. It lie just beyond her reach. Now she faced a dilemma--find a novel way of getting her coffee money and quick, or leave and make her meeting.

Coffee-less, she cursed as she slammed the door shut and shot her car into morning traffic.

Word Count: 440


  1. Ahhh I hate losing coffee money! I really liked the use of the photo in this story - it was perfect! :) Good job!

  2. Thanks Nicole! It's a great picture!

  3. Photo is very interesting property of this story. I like your post. But the coffee is also good.

    Kopi Luwak

  4. Great story with a touch of wit - loved it.