Monday, October 14, 2013

The Little Service Station...

There's a business out there that you have to see to believe. Those living near me are familiar with the small auto repair shop on the main road. The place is like a time capsule and it's a photographer's dream.

Last year I took my car to this establishment for the annual safety and emissions testing. It passed. Since it passed I decided to do it again this year. One thing I forgot, however, was my good camera. The iPhone shots will have to do.

If I had more nerve, I would ask the proprietor if I could spend an hour or two and just take pictures. There's a million things to see in such a small area. Outside there's a buggy wrapped in Christmas lights, saddles and reading paraphernalia adorned the office inside, a second service bin where half a dozen folding chairs are set up in a semi-circle, clever sayings on the walls, and a real live horse out back.

It's not your ordinary service station (that doesn't sell gasoline...), but maybe here out west, it just might be.

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