Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tombstone, By Scott E. Tarbet...A Review


The following is a review of the another story in the upcoming Shades And Shadows Paranormal Anthology, to be released Halloween Day, 2013 from Xchyler Publishing. There are nine short stories focused on the paranormal, as well as a forward by the multi-talented Ben Hansen of SyFy Channel's Fact or Faked. This story in the anthology is titled Tombstone, by Scott E. Tarbet.

Ever wonder what The Beverly Hillbillies would be like if Jed Clampett never left Arkansas, but instead remained at the homestead and was murdered by his offspring? I know I never have, but if you're interested in this alternative version of a fictional reality, you'll LOVE Tombstone.

I hope the mention of a murder in the preceding paragraph isn't too much of a spoiler for you, dear reader. It's obvious from the first page that we're hearing a first-hand account of a man and a crime, a crime performed decades earlier and chronicled by a paranormal investigator. The colorful language (not profanity colorful) and southern dialect transport us to a time when a man's commitment to homestead was sacrosanct. Nothing in this life or the next will made him leave the land he loves.

Tarbet gives us a tale of jealousy, greed, revenge, and--in the end--genealogy. The narration is fun, even while describing the worst of humanity. When you're done, you'll know the secrets of a mystery that's been unknown for years. I thought the story was about Tombstone, the city, and I wondered if it would be a little dry. I was wrong--on both counts. Great job, Scott!

* Thanks Penny for the photo!

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