Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Introducing Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart...Not Quite A Review


 I must begin by saying I have not completely finished Brandon Sanderson's latest work. In fact, I've only just begun listening to the audiobook. So, this is not a review, but more some general thoughts.

Since I began going to writing conventions last year, I had the opportunity of hearing Mr. Sanderson speak several times about writing. I even got to ask him a question. "Brandon!" I yelled across a crowded hall. "Do you know where Mary Kowal is?" He did answer me so I guess we've met. My son was lucky (and brave...) enough to ask him a question on a Q & A session he and the other members of the Writing Excuses Podcast members did at the LTUE conference in 2012. I believe that's the year their podcast won a Hugo award. I like to think my son had something to do with it.

But enough of that. Like I said, I just downloaded the Steelheart audiobook this morning and I'm about a 90 minutes in. I knew nothing of the book except he wrote it. In a way, that's a wonderful way to start a new book. The entire experience is something new, unknown. So far, it's fantastic.

Since I listen to many books, I rarely write reviews. I've liked this one so much, I did a preemptive review, so not really much to discuss. Maybe in a few days, that will change. So far, it's a great read.

...Or listen.

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