Sunday, October 27, 2013

Can't Wait To Tell Her About...Oh, Yeah

Currently, we're on vacation, which has been a blast so far, but there's one thing that's happened on this trip that I never would have anticipated.

It's been many years since our family embarked on a vacation of this length. It's been so long, in fact, that my mom was with us the last time we were on vacation. What I mean to say is, she didn't accompany us on the vacation, but she was there when we returned.

What's happened to me this week that I didn't expect is that when we have done something cool on the vacation or seen something interesting, I keep thinking that I need to tell my mom about those cool things we've done or the interesting things we've seen.

And then I catch myself and remember that my mom's no longer with us so I can't talk to her and she won't be there when we get home, like she always was before.

It's been over six years since my mom passed and had she not, she would have turned 82 today. It used to happen a lot--I'd catch myself missing my mom, and then it kind of went away. This trip brought some of that back again. Happy birthday mom. Miss you.

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