Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Giving Tree...

On Sunday our oldest son said that they were looking for service projects do to in our neighborhood. The youth were looking for things to do on Tuesday night for service projects.

"We have a tree that needs to be chopped up," I said.

I have been meaning to take care of the tree, but with working overtime and darkness arriving earlier and earlier every day, I didn't have a chance to take care of it.

I found out Tuesday night that our tree was on the list of things for the kids to do.

I've been on service projects before, and usually when the disposal of trees is needed, chainsaws are involved. What I didn't now is that the kids were being split up into teams of three kids and one adult. The teams were then sent out to try and do as many things on their lists as possible. 

In the span of 20 minutes we had six or so teams of kids show up. By this time it was dark and none of the kids had chainsaws (thank goodness...). The only thing we had were hand saws. Since the kids wanted to help, we chopped up the tree with the saws in the dark. By morning, this is what we saw.

I really do appreciate their help. This weekend I'll be able to finish the job and we can finally mow the lawn underneath the fallen tree. Glad we help the kids out who were helping us.

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