Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Indian At Washington Square...

This afternoon I took a break from the 48-Hour Hold List (those with whom I work know what I'm talking about...) and walked over to Washington Square. I've taken dozens of pictures of the big building in the middle of the square (it's the Salt Lake City City-County Building...), but during this time of year, the beauty surrounds the building.


I entered the park from the northeast corner and I saw for the first time a statue of an indian, a statue I didn't know was there. It's an impressive work. It must stand 12 feet tall or taller. I tried getting some interesting shots, but it's difficult to capture the real feeling you get when you're standing in the park.

So, here's some of the shots I took today. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and check it out yourself.

Darn fly...

Pretty day at the square.

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