Monday, October 28, 2013

Split Ends: A Little Background On A Short Story...

The following is my latest blog post on my author website. Our official book launch is on Halloween Day so I need to get the word out. If you'd like to access my author blogpost go: HERE.


Halloween Day signals the release of Xchyler Publishing’s latest, Shades And Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology. One of the nine stories contained in the book is mine.

A little about my story, Split Ends. I’ve never written a paranormal story even though I find the subject fascinating. So when Xchyler announced the theme of paranormal for their next anthology, I started to think about what I could contribute to the project. I thought about relationships and that led me to what ultimately became Split Ends.

The story revolves around two people, people who have known each other for decades. It’s set in a beauty salon (something else I have little experience in…). Since I lack experience writing in the genre, I felt I couldn’t “out scare” or “out gore” the other submissions. I wanted my story to be different from the other short stories, and I was right.

Over the last month on my daily blog,, I reviewed each of the stories in the book, except mine. My reviews were not extensive–I didn’t want to give away too many spoilers. I tried to give some honest opinions and flavor of each story. They’re all so different, so I suppose my tale fits right in.

If you’re interested in ghost stories that contain both the expected and unexpected, check out Shades And Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology. You can find the Amazon like to the book: HERE. I’d love to hear what you think out how it all turned out.

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