Friday, October 4, 2013

Puzzle Time...


"Yeah, son."

"Do you want to help me with my puzzle?"


Wednesday while I was at work my son found a 500-piece puzzle and began putting it together. Yesterday when I got home he was so proud of how far he had gotten, he just had to have me see it.

It was impressive, the work he'd done. He continued today and around 3pm, he asked if I'd like to help him with it. While The Dick VanDyke Show played on the TV below, my son and I worked on the puzzle of an adorable kitten in the loft.

After about an hour, it became obvious we were going to finish the puzzle. I ended up giving him a piece and he would find its proper location. He was so happy to have completed such a complicated puzzle. I did help out, but not that much. It was great to see the little guy happy. He's looking forward to his next puzzle challenge.


  1. Wow, he has a lot of patience - it looks quite complicated to me.