Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Tale Of Two Perspectives...

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If there's one topic I do not cover on this blog it's politics. I've read that I could probably get more visitors and more traffic to my blog if I did get political, and especially if I chose a side and with passion, expressed my opinion. But then there's the as passionate responses from the other side of the argument chiming in. I never wanted this blog to have that feel. It's not its purpose.

So, that's not what I'm going to do with this particular post. In fact the reason I'm bringing up the topic at all is because of two things I saw yesterday while on Facebook. Two perspectives.

I have a friend who wrote about the incredible savings is family will now enjoy because of Obamacare, or its correct name, the Affordable Care Act. By his calculation, his family's coverage will go from $950/mth to $444/mth. In his words, the act "works perfectly."

Of course, every coin has two sides. A popular post that's gone viral is from the blogger Matt Walsh and his post titled: The Definitive Guide to How Obamacare is Destroying American Lives. Walsh had an idea. He asked for stories of how the new law has affected Americans. He then posted some of these stories on his blog. Needless to say, to these people Obamacare is anything but "perfect." Here's the link to Walsh's post if you're interested: Matt Walsh Blog.

Will it work? Only time will tell. I have my own opinions. Using past history as a guide and my almost 48 years on this earth watching and studying human behavior, I'm pretty sure I know how this will all turn out. Buckle up, folks! It's going to be a bumpy ride!

* Photo used without permission from: http://www.depauliaonline.com/opinions/obamacare-a-brighter-vision-for-the-future-1.2880100#.Umc7XiRQ23s

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