Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Symposium Tale...

"Hey," I looked up from where I sat at our table in the Dealer's Room at LTUE (Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium...).

"What's up?" I asked the diminutive person standing before me. The cute girl with sandy hair and sunglasses positioned with attitude on her head. Turns out she wasn't there to take candy from my customer-attracting stash of Cadbury's Mini Easter Eggs used to increase sales of my collection of short stories (candy which probably ate up all my book sales profits...). No, she had a simple question. 

"Can I draw your picture for a dollar?"

Now, I'm no celebrity, but I've been asked for my autograph on a number of occasions. Kids will sometimes ask cast members to sign the playbills after a show of which I am a cast member. And after those plays there are times when people want a picture taken with someone in the play--especially when we're dressed as a pirate, or Bob Cratchet. 

But I believe this was a first--the first time someone wanted to draw me. Before I could give my answer she told me who she was--a daughter of one of the fellow LTUE attendees. She then told me why she was using her extreme cuteness to persuade someone with such "frugal" tendencies.

"I want ten dollars so I can buy that video 'Christmas Dragon' and that's why I'm drawing people." She pointed across the aisle to where a vendor of locally produced action and fantasy videos hawked his wares. 

"Of course! I'd love for you to draw me," I said and retrieved my wallet. Halfway through the artistic process the young entrepreneur/artist asked, "Are you a nerd?"

"Yes, I am a nerd," I proudly proclaimed. After a quick adjustment to my representation, she handed me the finished product. I loved it, so much so, I recruited several of my friends to participate too. Soon, I watched an excited budding artist run to the video vender and purchase her well-earned prize. Just another little tale, one of many experiences that make the gathering of like minds so much fun. Personally, I think it's an amazing likeness.

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