Sunday, February 8, 2015

Life, The Universe, And Everything...Unlike Winter (Apparently...) Is Coming!

LTUE Is Almost Here!

I don't know what it is, but I really like this conference that's coming up, Life, the Universe, and Everything, or LTUE for short. I guess it's not technically a conference (like Comic Con is a conference...), but more a symposium. Personally, I don't care what it's called because the name's not as important as what takes place.

My first experience with LTUE happened back in 2012. It was held at on the Utah Valley University campus and I took my teenage son. Both he and I were aspiring writers, but the main reason I took him was because students were admitted for free.

We attended some great panels, met some amazing authors and artists and had a fantastic time. One of the people I met was Blake Casselman and because of him I've been able to attend every Salt Lake Comic Con which allowed me to get to know so many other talented people. It's changed my life in many ways. See what attending a conference...ah, sorry, symposium can do?

This year I'm involved in five panels, three on Thursday and two on Saturday. I will also be at the book signing event Friday night at 8pm. Plus, Xchyler Publishing, who I like to call "my publisher," will also be at the event and if you're interested in getting published, PLEASE find us and check out what we do! As far as the rest of the symposium, here's the rest of my schedule:

Thursday, 2/12/15, 9am

Philip K. Dick as an example of adaptation: Blake Cassleman, Dan Wells, Oscar Bernie, Scott William Taylor, Scott R. Parkin (m)

Thursday, 2/12/15, 11am

Everything is Awesome!: The genius of the LEGO movie: James Ganiere, Tracy Mangum, Daniel Swenson (Revan), Scott William Taylor, Craig Nybo (m)

Thursday, 2/12/15, 2pm

Finding Your Muse: Anna del C. Dye, Fiona Ostler, Sandra Tayler, Scott William Taylor, M. M. Todd Gallowglas (m)

Saturday, 2/14/15, 9am

Learning From Failure: Al Carlisle, Tracy Hickman, Sandra Tayler, Scott William Taylor, Chas Hathaway (m)

Saturday, 2/14/15, 4pm

Publishing With A Small Press: Christine Haggerty, Adrienne Monson, Brett Peterson, J. D. Raisor, Scott William Taylor (m)

As you can see, I'm going to have SO much fun! Just look at those panels and the people I'll be with! Great stuff, there! If you're going, I hope you'll find me! A great deal of the fun is just seeing friends and getting to know new people! Remember, LTUE is coming!

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