Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Next POLAIK...Sara Butler

Today's POLAIK (Profile Of Local Author/Artists I Know...) is Sara Butler.

I first met Sara last year at a convention--2014 Salt Lake Comic Con FanX, I believe. Sara is a younger sister of one of my heroes, Dave Butler. I don't know any other of their family members, but there's something amazing in their gene pool, a mix of creativity and awesomeness.

At the first day of this year's LTUE Symposium, I sat in on a panel where Sara was one of the panelists. The panel focused on writing in the fantasy genre. All that participated gave good advice, but I loved some of the answers Sara gave. You can tell that writing's in her blood. You can also tell she's a Butler because a simple question can elicit a fantastic response. In fact, if you're ever at a conference and you run into Sara, just ask why she enjoys writing fantasy. Or ask her about either a book she's finished or a current project she's writing. Guaranteed what you hear will be new (unless, of course, you've hear about Death's daughter trying to save the world from the apocalypse she herself began...).


The first time I met Sara she was filling out authentic toe tags as both bookmarks and business cards. She inserted them into The Hunt Begins, Book 1 of her Sonya Fletcher Monster Hunter series. She's completed the second book, The Witch and the Leech--both are now available. 

I'm always glad to see Sara at conventions, because I know that when she's there I'll always have someone fun and intelligent with whom to converse. Oh, and she usually brings along munchies which she gladly shares. 

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