Saturday, February 7, 2015

Up Next, The Colorful POLAIK...Johnny Worthen

Next week if you attend the Life, the Universe and Everything, or LTUE conference in Provo, Utah, you're almost guaranteed to spot Johnny Worthen, my next Profile Of Local Authors/Artists I Know (POLAIK). He's there going to be on several panels at LUTE and he'll be around the convention making friends and telling stories.

Trust me, if you go you'll see him.

You see, Johnny, when out as an author, wears distinct clothing that is is trademark--the man loves the tie-dye. He's got an amazing collection of tie-dye clothes. Even the clothe he used to cover his table at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX last weekend was tie-dye.

Unfortunately I have not yet read any of Johnny's books. It's on my "to-do" list. And I should because Johnny's an award-winning author. He was chosen as the League of Utah Writer's Writer of the Year. Very cool! You can see all of Johnny's books at his website: HERE.

If you're going to LTUE try and attend one of the panels on which Johnny will be appearing. He and I did a panel at last year's FanX. He can certainly make an hour-long panel worth your time. Plus, you'll never know what he's going to say.

So, when you see the tie-dye, go up to Johnny (not Johnie or Jonny or Johhauny...) and introduce yourself, but you'll have to hurry because he may just come up to you first.

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