Monday, February 2, 2015

Twitter...Still Trying To Figure It Out

At some point last week I reached one-thousand twitter followers. Now, I know this is no real milestone, especially since on any given day that number can rise or lower by a few followers so it's not a hard and fast thing. In fact the number did dip for a few days and now it's a few above a thousand.

I've had a Twitter account for several years, but I haven't done much with it. One of the reasons for this is because I don't really understand how to maximize Twitter (as you can also see by the low number of tweets I've posted...). For some, Twitter is an amazing social program that can be used for marketing or for other uses. For me, I kind of use it.

The first thing that impressed me with Twitter was its immediacy. I remember a few years ago our state was so dry in the summer that several fires were springing up all over. Once news of a fire hit, cities would create a hashtag of the fire and began tweeting instructions for citizens and others concerned about the welfare of their loved ones. What I loved about it was the information on the fires was SO much quicker than you'd get on the local news, even the local news websites. It was amazing!

Since I am currently following so few people that when I'm following an event such as a U of U sporting event I can just refresh the Twitter feed and keep up with the conversation. But, if I were following a lot more people, I would need to log into the hashtag of that particular event then I could follow every tweet using that hashtag. At least, I think that's how people do it. I really don't know.

And so, to those thousand followers I say I'm sorry for my Twitter cluelessness and I'll try to do better. Whether or not I succeed remains to be seen...

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