Friday, February 20, 2015

Sean Ricks...POLAIK With Attitude!

What can I say about Sean Ricks? I'm sort of at a loss because...well, over the past year I've gotten to know Sean. He's been a mainstay at the local conventions I've attended and, like many of the POLAIK (Profiles Of Local Authors/Artists I Know...) I've written about over the past several weeks, Sean has a big personality. And when I say "big," I mean HUGE!

Sean is an artist, the first I've profiled. His website has examples of his art and if you're in the market for some of his art, you can purchase it. His website is: HERE.

The last time I saw Sean was at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2015 Edition. He didn't have a booth, but the man was in marketing beast mode. Within a matter of only a few minutes he had secured several contracts to personalize Kendama cup and ball sets. He's also customizing skateboards and snowboards. He was so excited about it, and for good reason. He does fantastic work--something any shredder would love to have on their board.

Sean is a born salesman. He's even gone out of his way to try and sell our own books. He's also a budding author--maybe it's because he's spent so much time around us. It wouldn't surprise me if his novel reaches the NY Times Bestseller List before any of ours.

With many of these POLAIK blog posts, I recommend people find my friends--seek them out, if you will--and introduce yourself. With Sean, however, there's more than a good chance, he'll find you!

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