Friday, February 13, 2015

Is It Winter If The Box Elder Bugs Don't Die?

If you live in an area where little red and black bugs live and breed you might understand what we're going through. You see, in the summer and fall, these little Box Elder bugs swarm the southern facing sides of our house. They love to sit there and bask in the sun.

And who can blame them? Some things like to bask in the sun. Normally we put up with this. It's not so bad except with the little critters make their way into the house. The reason we really don't have a problem with the little bugs is because we know that winter comes every year and will kill them, or send the away so they're not around.

But not this year. This year we've had such a mild winter that the bugs have been swarming since January. I guess we'll have to wait another year before we have an un-swarmed house. So, did winter actually take place if the bugs didn't die? Good question.

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