Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Something For Nothing...And Your Sub For Free

The deal was two slices and a can of pop for $5. I've participated in that deal before. At our office they'll do this for a fundraiser, and it's a pretty good deal. This time, though, there was something different. 

This time, there was a raffle. 

I didn't know there'd be a raffle--I was just hungry. So, I made the purchase and enjoyed my lunch. A few hours later an e-mail notified me that mine was one of the numbers chosen as a winner. I went upstairs and claimed my prize.

A $5 gift card to Jimmy John's, so I paid $5 for lunch and got $5 back, and there's a Jimmy John's about a block away from where I work.

But as I sealed up the envelope of my weekly letter to my son serving a mission, I decided to pass along my gift card to him. There's probably a Jimmy John's next to him, too.

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