Friday, February 27, 2015

The Wise POLAIK...Scott Tarbet

 "So, you're Scott?" people would ask me when they see our Xchyler Publisher signs. "Yes," I would answer, but then I usually need to add. "But, I'm not Scott Tarbet. I'm Scott Taylor."

You see, during Xchyler's relatively short history, there's been two Scotts, Scott Tarbet and myself. Of course, I don't mind being mistaken for the other Scott. The man can write.

I met Scott at the first themed convention I attended, the 2013 Salt City Steamfest. Scott and I were Facebook friends before we met. My short story, The Little Boiler Girl had been released in Xcyler's Mechanized Masterpieces, A Steampunk Anthology only a few weeks before, and Scott had his first published short coming out in a Xchyler anthology a few weeks later.

A Midsummer Night's SteampunkMechanized Masterpieces 2: An American AnthologyShades and Shadows: A Paranormal Anthology

Terra Mechanica: A Steampunk AnthologyThe Toll of Another Bell: A Fantasy Anthology

Since then Scott and I have attended have attended a lot of conventions together. He's had many many shorts published with Xchyler and has even written a novel, A Midsummer Night's Steampunk, which I have not yet read.

Like many of the Profile Of Local Authors/Artists I Know (POLAIK), Scott is not a full-time writer, unfortunately. If you want a definition of a man of many talents, he's your guy! He's an award-winning barbecue chef, and he is a regular with the Utah Opera Company. Plus, the man's got many college degrees, which tells me that he never stops learning, never stops expanding that knowledge base.

Once again, as I'm prone to do with my POLAIK posts, I recommend you seek out Scott and get to know him better if you find yourself at one of these conventions. If you do, Scott will be as engaging and entertaining as his stories. No, I don't mind people thinking--albeit temporarily--that I'm Scott Tarbet. It's quite a compliment.

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