Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brandon Sanderson's "Firefight,"...A Book Review

Firefight (Reckoners, #2)*

You ever feel sometimes like you're one of those people who is fighting an evil superhero and your mission is clear--kill them before they kill you?

Then after you DO kill the evil superhero that no one believed could actually die, life gets even more complicated?

Personally, I've never been in that exact situation, but that's what life is like for Jason, the main character in Firefight, Book Two of Brandon Sanderson's Reckoners Series. You'd think after taking down a seemingly un-killable foe Jason's life would be easier, or if not easier, less complicated. But, as in real life, with one challenge conquered, things don't get easier...they get crazy.

Jason is a reckoner, one of the freedom fighters who take on epics, or those with super powers who have chosen to use their talents to forward their evil desires. The thing about epics is each one has a weakness. The trick is finding out what that weakness is and Jason is the best around and determining what those weakness are.

In Steelheart, Book One of The Reckoners Series Jason and his friends take on Steelheart, a wicked ruler of Chicago, a Chicago set in the near future after epics have basically taken over America with each evil superhero claiming a city. Against all odds Jason and the Reckoners defeat Stealheart and are now moving on to a future New York City. The new city presents new challenges with several high epics (the most powerful...) tormenting the citizen. And because of how Stealheart ended, Jason must not only face evil superheroes, but love as well.

The book sets up perfectly a third installment of the series with just enough of the story wrapping up to make Firefight a very satisfying read, but with enough loose ends and potential storylines to make me look forward to reading Book Three to find out how this grand adventure ends.

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