Monday, August 24, 2015

A Couple Of Robert Rodriguez Interviews...Well Worth Your Time

Robert Rodriguez Picture*

Last Friday at work I listened to a podcast. The featured guest was Robert Rodriguez. Today at work I listened to another podcast. This time the featured guest was Robert Rodriguez.

You may be saying to yourself, "That's a lot of Robert Rodriguez."

You may even be asking yourself, "Is that too much Robert Rodriguez?"

The responses to both is, "Yes" and "Of course not."

I had heard of Robert Rodriguez, the producer/director/writer/editor/cinematographer/composer before. The story of how he made his first film El mariach is legend! The interview I heard last Friday was from the Nerdist Podcast. Today's interview was on the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast. I found both interviews fascinating. Mr. Rodriguez has a refreshing view of filmmaking, creativity and life in general. And he keeps an extensive journal--gotta love someone who journals!

I've seen some of the projects in which Mr. Rodriguez is involved, but not all. However, those shows I've seen I've enjoyed, and after listening to some of his philosophies, his shows make more sense. I believe he could stop making movies today and work full-time as a motivational speaker. He'd be great!

If you're interested in hearing these two podcasts, I think they're well worth your time. There is a little saucy language in both (more so in the Nerdist Podcast than the other...), and the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast is over two hours long. If you want to hear an amazing story of how a man has succeeded when conventional wisdom says he can't, learn more about Robert Rodriguez. I know you'll be impressed, too.

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