Saturday, August 15, 2015

At Lagoon...With Friends

One of the reasons I have kept a daily blog for over four years is because when events happen in my life, I want to remember them. The same goes for members of my family. So when we get together with our friends and we all go to Lagoon Amusement Park for a fun summer outing, I blog about it. 

I realize that for many of you a lot of these post can be rather boring, and I'm sorry for that. I try to include interesting things from time to time so those who are kind enough to check in on my humble little blog can find something interesting or something entertaining, but there's going to be some days that I'm writing for me. That's just the way it is. Then again, if you've followed my blog for any period of time, you know I do this and if you've stuck with me, thank you.

That's what I'm doing today. Last week some friends got together with our family and we went to Lagoon. I hauled my camera around and took some shots. We had a great time and afterward we were all thoroughly exhausted.

Here's what our day looked like.