Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sara Butler's "Sonya Fletcher: The Hunt Begins"...A Book Review


I met Sara Butler a few years ago at a Salt Lake Comic Con, but it wasn't until last week that I was able to read her first novel, Sonya Fletcher: The Hunt Begins. It's one crazy ride!

I think I should say that I read Sara's book on my Kindle. Had I the hard copy I would have realized that this is not that long of a story. This isn't necessarily a bad thing--I don't want to discourage anyone from reading this book because it's short--I'm just saying that I flew threw this book in--I think--three days.

Butler grabbed me from the beginning. A young heroine leaves town after discovery of a package, a package that generates more questions about her tragic past than answers. Off Sonya goes to Minnesota in search of those answers. What lies in store for the young feisty (and tall...) girl is mystery, danger and a realization that there's more monsters in the world than she could possibly imagine.

Butler handles the transitions of action, intrigue and mystery masterfully. The story never lags. She's created a believable world where the possibilities of expansion are endless. My only wish (and that's why I gave it a four-star rating and not five-star in Goodreads...) is that it was short. The story's second installment is done, The Witch and the Leech: Sonya Fletcher #2 is now available. I really need to get that one, too. Great job, Sara! I loved the story!

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