Thursday, August 20, 2015

Battle Creek BBQ And Gourmet Chuckwagon...Great Eats!

Yesterday my co-worker Troy and I went for an afternoon walk around the building where we work. As we came to a big parking lot that's just south of our building we saw a foot truck (more like a food trailer...) parked there so we thought we'd get a closer look.

And it smelled delicious!

We started chatting with the proprietors of Battle Creek BBQ & Gourmet Chuckwagon. Nice guys. We asked them when we might see their food truck in SLC. Every Thursday the food trucks gather about a block from where we work. I haven't yet participated in the food truck party (I hear it's kind of pricy...), but I'd like to.

The guys were in SLC trying to get their business permits so they could do business up north. It's funny because as they talked about all the hoops they needed to jump through with city and county governments, I wondered if they knew my friend and I were government workers. If so, they didn't let on. In fact, they had some food left over from their lunch service so they gave it to us.

Oh, MAN! It was SO good!

I'm here to say that if you ever get a chance to get some BBQ ribs from Battle Creek BBQ & Gourmet Chuckwagon, do not turn it down! I sure hope they can get their permits. It may just force me to participate in the food truck party.

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