Friday, August 21, 2015

One Sweet Volvo...

"What is that?" my friend and I both said to each other as we spotted the antique car parked nonchalantly across the street.

"I think that's a Volvo," I said.

"But, what is that--a Ferrari badge?"

"Looks like it. We definitely need to go check that out!"

I'm glad we did.

It was, indeed, a Volvo with the coolest badge I've seen in a long time. When I lived in Scandinavia I saw a lot of Volvos, for good reason. Even though I wasn't in Sweden, the car's birthplace, I was in the country just below. It was in the 80s so a car like this one wasn't that old back then.

It sure looked great today. And they owner had the perfect license plate.

I have no idea how the thing drives or if it's a reliable form of transportation, but as it sat their among the new Camrys, Jettas, and the occasional Prius, it sure looked sweet!

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