Monday, August 3, 2015

Rainy Days And Mondays Always Get Me...Happy

It rained today, rained harder than it usually rains. We live in the high desert so we don't get a lot of rain, especially in the summer. But today's storm was glorious!

The town to the north of us got over three inches of rain. We got over two. In many parts of the world that could be a daily occurrence. But not here. 

We were lucky. We did not experience any permanent damage from the storm. Others who live a few blocks away were not so lucky. We drove by some of the homes that were flooded.

We also drove by a catch basin that was full, so full kids were having a blast sliding down the hill. The television news cameraman was lucky he didn't take a plunge.

Many people I know dislike the rain, especially in summer. I am not one of them. I loved today!

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