Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's Left Hander's Day...Yay!

Hail To Us All!

Thanks to social media we can know about all those "special days." And thanks to social media, there seems to be someone who knows about all those days and lets the rest of us know, too. Many times they will proclaim which day it is with a picture of the item the day is honoring, like Boston Cream Pie Day, or Watermelon Day. I usually find out after the day is almost over so I can't really fully appreciate the special it.

But today was different. I found out it was Left Hander's Day when the day began and I was able to enjoy it all day long.

Being a "leftie" isn't so unusual, at least, I don't think so. But when someone sees me writing longhand, they kind of freak out. I write up on the page. It's weird to watch, but not for me.

So, you lefties--I hope you've all had a fantastic day! May the pencil led never smudge on your hand and your scissors always be the right kind!

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