Monday, August 31, 2015

"Just Let Go"...A Dream Fulfilled

I saw a movie trailer today and watching it actually brought goosebumps to rise on my arm. Movie trailers nowadays are like little doses of addictive drugs. Any clip from a much-anticipated film like Star Wars drives the fans crazy, myself included.

But as I watched the trailer for the new film, Just Let Go it affected me in a different way--I saw dreams fulfilled.

Back in 2006 I was introduced to two wide-eyed and idealistic filmmakers only a few years out of film school. I could tell right off that they LOVED what they did, and after seeing some of their short films, I knew they were good at what they did, two friends who wanted to do something ever since they were little kids.

We came together because I wrote a screenplay and thanks to their talents and excellent suggestions we created an award-winning short film.

Since 2006 I've watched as opportunities have come their way and they've taken full advantage of them. Finally, after years of hard work, long hours, and time away from family and friends, their dream will be shown to audiences, hopefully all over the country and the world. They believe it's a story worth telling.

And so do I.

I watched the trailer and I saw in the shots my friend's work and their love of what they do. Sure, the next Star Wars installment is due in December of this year and it will earn billions of dollars, but I think I'm more excited about a little indie film made by two wide-eyed and idealist filmmakers that opens on September 28, 2015, not just because I know those involved in the film, but because I know--in part--what it took to see their dream fulfilled.

You can see the trailer: HERE. Maybe watching won't bring goosebumps to your arm. Then again, maybe it will.

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  1. Thanks Scott! You're a great friend and hope to work with you again someday