Friday, August 7, 2015

The Laketown Lodge...Consider It For Your Next Event!

"We found a place to have our family reunion!" my mother-in-law excitedly proclaimed back in 2013. "It's a great place in Laketown at Bear Lake called Laketown Lodge." Today our family reunion came to an end and I'd just like to tell you about the place we called home for the past couple of days.

Laketown Lodge is amazing! The building was constructed at the beginning of the twentieth century and spent most of the last one-hundred years as a community store. It's hard to believe the same building is now a destination with enough room and amenities for several families.

Here's some video I shot today before we left. If you're interested in booking the Laketown Lodge, you can access their website: HERE. They're also selling an ownership portion of the building. Oh, how we'd love to take advantage of that. We all had a blast!

The Laketown Lodge--a fantastic place to stay if you're in the area.

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