Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bring On...Raspberry Days!

Chances are wherever you live there's probably a day (or a few days...) set aside to celebrate the town and its people. Today we drove into Garden City, Utah and experienced Raspberry Days! Many of these home-grown town parties highlight a food that's famous to the area. Garden City has some delicious raspberries.

We knew the party was starting this weekend, but we had no idea it would start as early as Thursday. We actually drove into town to get a bite to eat. We ended up having some delicious pizza and enjoyed the local atmosphere. 

As we walked between the booths that showcased clothing, hand-crafted items, cool pens made by Steve, and various food items, I was hoping an author who lives in the county had a booth. I've been looking forward to picking up John Brown's next book, Curse: The Dark God Book Two, but he wasn't there. Next time.

If you find yourself on the banks of Bear Lake (the Utah side...) during the first week of August, see if they're celebrating Raspberry Days. And if you are and if they are, be sure to stop in. It's a great little party.

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