Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Scout Is...Courteous

I have an assignment in my church. I'm the cub master. As assignments go, it's pretty great. However, this will be the last time my son will be attending as a cub scout. He's had a birthday and so he's graduating. I've really enjoyed spending time with him.

As a cub scout master, part of my responsibilities include running the pack meeting. At each pack meeting there's a different theme and it's usually one of the scout law categories. 

This month: Courtesy. 

It's an interesting topic, when you think about it. Do we really even teach courtesy nowadays? I was thinking of some things I could use as examples of courtesy and some of the things I thought up seemed a bit dated. Do we open doors for our spouses (I'm talking to mostly the men here...)? I know I do occasionally, very occasionally. My wife usually just hops in the car--it's faster. I've asked my wife if she would like me to open the door for her every time and she's okay doing it herself so I think I'm okay. 

There's other examples of courtesy and I'm going to try and let the scouts know that it's important, even though many in our society either don't believe so, or don't know what being courteous means. The kids in today's world face a much different reality than I did. Heck, can you imagine if all people were more courteous on the internet how much of a better world world we would have?

We'll see how the meeting goes. I hope when it's done we'll all be more courteous to each other. And teaching people that is an important thing.

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