Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Is Food Truck Day...

I was going to pick up a burrito from the corner cart when I remembered it was Thursday. And on Thursdays the food trucks roll into the neighborhood and park about a block from my building.

I ran into my good friend Chantryce (who works even closer to the gathering spot than I do...) and since I hadn't visited the great Food Truck rodeo, I asked which one she recommended. They all looked SO good and I was very hungry. She suggested the Mongolian BBQ truck. I ran into another friend, BJ (he offered no suggestions...then again, I don't think I asked him, either).

I decided on the BBQ for a couple of reasons. First, because I trust my friend, and second, they had a huge line. The people had spoken! I ordered the pork bowl with Mongolian sauce, took it back to work and wolfed it down.

Now, I have to give two Mongolian sauce-covered thumbs up for the food. It was delicious! The only negative for me was the price. It looked like every truck's basic meal began at $8.00. This isn't necessarily bad, but that's too pricey for me for lunch. I live more in the $2-$4 per meal neighborhood.

So, if you find yourself near the tallest building in Utah around noon, look for the trucks, and enjoy!

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