Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another Cause...Of Distracted Walkers

If you've been outside the last week, you may have seen scores of people ambling about holding their smartphones in front of their faces. I'm usually guilty of distracted walking being caused by something else...

A book.

I don't walk much, basically too and from work when I take public transportation. I don't get a lot of reading done while walking and thankfully, I don't have to cross a lot of streets. Sure, I'm not as aware of my surroundings as I should be, but I don't believe I pose too much of a threat to either myself or the rest of society.

Unlike all those other people...

I'm not going to disparage or in anyway demean those who have chosen to participate in the newest smartphone/exercise craze. Personally, I think it's great. I even dowloaded the app, but I haven't had any free time to participate in the fun. I have seen others walking around and they generally look happy.

And this world could use more happiness.

For me, though, I think I'll stick to the distractions that required turning pages. Be careful out there, all you gamers...and readers!

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