Friday, July 1, 2016

Matthew J. Kirby's "The Lost Kingdom"...A Book Review


The Lost Kingdom is the second book I’ve read written by Matthew Kirby and I liked it as much or possibly more than the first. The story reminded me of a Jules Vern adventure. In fact, I could easily imagine it coming from the mind of the Science Fiction pioneer himself.

In this alternative history story a father and son team join an expedition to find a lost people in hopes of recruiting help against the French. Billy Bartram and his father begin their journey aboard a flying ship. Those on the mission experience the thrills of flying that in our world, people will not come to know for hundreds of years. On their way to find this secret civilization, the group is attacked by a terrifying monster (very Hunger Games-esk...) as well as spies and battles with the enemy.

Again, I kept thinking this was a modern telling of a classic science fiction thriller. The author gives us enough of what we already know about Colonial America with the prospect of how things would be in there were hybrid creatures, ancient civilizations, and steampunk flying ships.

In our library this book can be found in the Young Adult section, but I think many adults would find this story engaging and entertaining. Yes, The Lost Kingdom is the second Matthew J. Kirby novel I've read, and considering I've enjoyed both very much, I'm pretty sure it won't be my last.

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