Friday, July 29, 2016

Poolside...In Triple-Digit Heat

As a kid, I swam almost every day every summer. Those of you who grew up with me in Farmington, Utah know that this statement is not hyperbole. We literally went swimming every day (except Sundays...) in one of the biggest pools I've ever seen.

Even though my kids have grown up across the street where I grew up, they haven't gone swimming everyday. First of all, that huge, amazing pool no longer exists. It was replaced by a water park--hardly the same thing. Now we mostly stay inside our air conditioned home when it tops 100˚ in our town.

But not today.

On my first Friday off from Job #2, I took my youngest two kids and we hit the pool. It was lovely. We went later in the afternoon so it wasn't as crowded as it usually is when we hit triple digits. We actually had room to move about.

I think I'm an okay swimmer. Having never lived near the ocean, I probably can't compare to those who spend so much of their lives in water. I'd like to think I'm a fair (or slightly better...) swimmer. I attribute my abilities to that early daily swimming. My kids are getting there. They're to the point where they are no longer required to remain in the shallow end. They're able to enjoy the sport of swimming. Hopefully, they'll keep going.

Today we went swimming and we had a great time.

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