Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Farmington's New Gym...Quite The Space

A good friend of mine recently commented on the newest building for our little community. It's a gymnasium. It's big and shiny and for the most part empty. It did just open this month, after all. He said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that the city should not be providing these types of services and that it hurts private industry.

He's definitely got a point.

I'm not going to argue the pros vs cons of the project, mostly because it's a done deal. Tonight my daughter and I did a little running and a little walking on the 1/8 mile indoor track. Below us three full-sized basketball courts awaited kids, seasoned athletes, and weekend warriors to do their thing.

It's a nice track. Of course, only my daughter, myself, and a guy vacuuming the track were using it. We ran a half mile (jogged, really...) in six or so minutes, then we walked a little bit. We left having covered a mile. The space was air-conditioned, the track was easy on the feet. 

Right now there's no charge, but soon we'll have to pay to use the facilities, even though we've paid and will continue paying for the building and ball fields through taxes. But, for a night when we had the building almost all to ourselves, we had a very good time.

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