Monday, July 25, 2016

Son's First Ride...

Think back, back when you picked up the first car that was officially yours. I realize many have not experienced such a feeling. I understand we live in an area where most people have cars. They're needed for us to get to work as well as do all the other things required of us.

I remember when I got my first car. I was sixteen-years old. It was green and made in Germany the year I was born.

And it was a beautiful 1965 green Volkswagen Beetle.

Sure, it broke down a lot, it almost killed me and my friends several times as we crossed I-84 going to high school in the morning. It meant freedom and excitement (I reference the almost dying in the German das tod auto point previously mentioned...). And I loved that car.

Today my son decided to buy his first car. It was manufactured a few years after he was born and the Toyota he got was in so much better shape than the one I bought. If he takes care of this thing, it's not unreasonable to expect he could be driving the thing for years.

His car is black and clean inside. The engine is powerful, the breaks work, and so far, it's started every time we've tried to start it. He's already so far ahead of the game.

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