Wednesday, July 6, 2016

U Of U Football, T-Minus 51 Days...And Counting!

For college football fans, the next few weeks are the longest of the year. It's like kids surviving April and May before their summer break. It's so hard! Especially since there's so much hype out there. How will the teams be? Will they exceed expectations, or not live up to them?

On Thursday September 1, 2016, the best university football team in the state of Utah (going by statistics for the past decade or so...) will take the field. That's also the first day of this year's Salt Lake Comic Con, another event I'm highly anticipating.

I've been a U of U football fan since I first attended school there in 1987. It's been a long and many times, tough three decades for us Utah fans. For those unfamiliar with the University of Utah football program, saying it's been an up and down program is an understatement. Utah dominated for the first half century of their existence. Then came the meteoric rise of the university program in Provo. I grew up watching BYU roll over everyone, including the hapless Utes. Oh, those games were brutal!

Just brutal.

But a change has taken place over time and Coach Whittingham has turned the program into a respectable force. Yes, in 51 days the boys in crimson and white will put on the pads and do battle. How will they do? We'll just have to wait. And the waiting--right now--is pretty tough to handle.

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