Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Couch At The End Of The Hall...

At the end of one hall in the building where I work there lies a couch, and as I passed it earlier this week, I wondered just what purpose that couch serves.

You may be thinking, Ah, duh! It's a couch! A couch serves very few purposes--basically, you sit on it."

Well, yes. A couch's main purpose is for resting. Today I went over and sat on the couch. It could be covered in leather, or a good facsimile. It was actually very comfortable, too. It's a nice piece of furniture.

The reason I'm even thinking about this is because I work in a building that's not open to the public, so everyone who comes in the building pretty much has a place to sit. And in almost all of the cubicles, there's an extra chair. We do have staff meetings and other gathers in the large conference rooms downstairs, but there's hundreds of chairs for us to use in those rooms. So I wonder, why a couch is needed in our building? It sits in a busy hallway. I can't imagine many people sitting on it to rest. It just seems out of place.

The state budgets for replacement of things every couple of years. The things that we notice most are the computers, but I'm sure somewhere it's written down that all the office furniture in our building will be replaced. They either donate or sell the old furniture. So whoever ends up with the grey couch that currently sits at the end of a hallway in my building, will be getting a steal of a deal!

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