Monday, July 4, 2016

Today Was Brought To You By The Letter F...

I had kind of a "F" day. I need to be careful howI write that. Looking back, there were a lot of things associated with words beginning with F.

First of all, came the F-16 fighters that flew by our house in route to fly over parades and other festivities. I try and watch them each year. When they flew back, they were closer, but I didn't have my phone out.

We tried fixing a sprinkler head, but were unsuccessful. We may have to call in a professional sprinkler fixer.

And why not have Independence Day on a permanent loop like they do with Elf, or A Christmas Story at Christmas? I mean, seriously guys! So I found it even more weird when one channel looped Elf all day. Whoever is behind that scheduling decision understands me.

Tonight we had the grandparents over for a food feast. Bratwurst kababs and chipotle chicken cooked with real fire, or from once fired briquettes. And the fruit-topped dessert completed a wonderful meal.

Yes, F-16s, fixing sprinklers, films, family fire-cooked food and fun. But another word that comes to mind as we celebrated this year's Independence Day was freedom. That's a great, great word. Happy 4th everyone!

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