Friday, July 8, 2016

Things Are Changing On The West Side...

I took this picture at the beginning of last month after my daughter and I went for a short run. During the week I travel to the west side of town several times, but I don't usually go that far south, south to where the new school is. I knew the new high school was going to be built--the bond passed, after all.

We drove by it again today and a lot of progress has been made. The school walls are about as high as the towers in the picture. The completion date is August, 2018...just over two years. What I found interesting, aside from the huge project rising from the land that was once used to feed cattle and produce crops, was the areas to the south, and west of the new high school.

Things are going to get crazy!

To the east of the property is a large parking lot where the school buses for the county are parked. Directly west of the new school houses are going up, but to the south, there's a couple of farmhouses, but most of it is undeveloped land. The roads to the south and east are going to change as well. Right now they're just two lane roads. They will soon balloon to three times that size and they'll be traffic lights and other "improvements" as well.

The people who live in those farmhouses will suffer the greatest degree of adjustment. I imagine those who don't want to experience all the changes have either moved or will do so soon. For decades life on the west side of I-15 was a whole different animal. From a distance, it looked quiet, simple, uncomplicated. Thanks to the Davis School District (and the voters...), all they once knew will soon be gone forever.

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