Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sometimes No Picture...Is Worth A Thousand Words

Yesterday morning I found myself sitting on the front steps of our house.

And I didn't have a camera.

You may be thinking, so--do you need a camera everywhere you go?

The answer is, no. I don't, but since early 2011 I've taken and posted at least one picture on social media every single day. That's almost 2000 photos. And when I found myself outside Saturday morning, I thought about how I was feeling and maybe I could compose a blog post about the morning, about how the recently mowed grass smelled, how these are the memories my children will carry with them into adulthood. The sun had not yet crested the mountain and I had a few minutes before I had to go to work.

It was one of those moments that speaks to your soul. And my first thought was how I didn't have a camera to chronicle that experience.

I considered posting this blog post without a picture, but I caved and went outside later in the morning and snapped one shot, one photo. Of course, there's no way any picture--even if I took it while those thoughts swam in my head--could give you, the reader, an impression of how I felt just sitting on the porch of my house early on a summer morning.

Maybe I take and post too many pictures. I think I need to just sit and experience the world around me without worrying about how I can turn those memories into a blog post, take time to turn off the electronics, let those quiet times feed my soul again. And if I do, you probably won't be reading about those times here.

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