Thursday, March 19, 2020

Had No Idea I'd Get That Response...

I've been posting a daily picture on social media for many years. Because they're daily, some photos are only marginally interesting at best. Every once in a while I'll get a nice shot, something really beautiful. I've caught some really nice sunsets over the years.

Occasionally, I'll get some responses to my posts. Earlier this week I posted a picture I took of a DVD we rented from RedBox, Knives Out. It's been forever since we rented a video; we usually wait until a show's on cable. I thought maybe some would comment on the fact we rented it from RedBox, but no...I had many responses on the film itself.

Seems most liked it.

Of course, some didn't.

Since we don't go see movies in theaters (and neither do anyone else right now...), we'll hear about new films from media or from friends. Knives Out received some good reviews so we thought we'd watch it. To be honest, I liked it. I thought it had some funny moments--one comment asked if it could even be considered a comedy. I thought Daniel Craig did a great job--one friend did not. I had one friend comment that he could not bring himself to watch the movie because of the director's past credits. Because I'm not up to date on movies, I had no idea who the director was before we rented it.

I was surprised my little picture got so many responses. I guess people have opinions about this little film, and they didn't mind sharing.

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