Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Rachel Huffmire's "Spinning Briar"...Available Now!

Spinning Briar (Mirror Chronicles Book 2) by [Huffmire, Rachel]

When you hear about a cool new story idea, that cool new story idea sticks with you and you know the pitch worked. I don't remember the pitch word-for-word, but I remember what Rachel Huffmire's first book was about...

Fairytales and time traveling.

I finished her book, Shattered Snow and it was fantastic. I kept being blown away by the fact that, yes--I'm reading a story about fairytales, but it's also super technical, like a futuristic adventure, but in the past. 

Now, the next chapter in the Mirror Chronicles is available, as of yesterday. Rachel's Spinning Briar can be yours. Here's an overview from the book's Amazon site:

Being an International Time Travel Agent requires absolute obedience. The smallest change in history could completely destroy the present.

When Charul Shazad loses the trail of the Mirror, a time-traveling vigilante, both history and his career are put on the line. Unwilling to lose everything, Charul takes on the dangerous renegade alone and finds himself marooned in a forgotten forest. But Charul isn’t one to give up. Could the vine covered castle in the distance hold the secret to capturing the Mirror once and for all?

Dorothea Wild is the Mirror's newest right-hand programmer. After spending forty years in a high-security ITTA prison cell, accepting the renegade's job offer was an easy decision. But, saving people in the past isn't all she wants. A big enough mission could undermine the authority of ITTA, allowing her sweet retribution on the company that ruined her life.

Fleur de Doue was never meant to exist, at least that's what the Mirror's assistants tell her. To avoid being erased from history, she helps the Mirror surround her castle in wires and brambles. But, just because the Mirror enabled her birth doesn't mean he has the right to control her fate. Could it be that he made a mistake and Fleur doesn't belong in the past?

If this sounds like something you'd like, you can order the book from Amazon: HERE, or you can go to Immortal Work's site: HERE. I haven't read the new edition yet--it's on my list, but Book 2 is anything like Book 1, I'm sure I'll love it. Check it out yourself--what a wonderful world in which to escape.

Rachel Huffmire

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