Friday, March 18, 2011

Blood, To Give Or Not To Give...

Yesterday I donated blood down at the church. There's still a red blotch on my arm as proof. I remember my dad used to donate blood all the time. It's one of the things I remember about him--I remember the little white metal button with a drop of red blood on it, the kind you could hang on your shirt lapel or on the breast pocket. I might even have one of those buttons around from the '70's.

I've only given blood a few times in my life. Once, a friend asked if I would donate blood as part of a student film she did while at the Y (and, no, it's not on my IMDb page... :/). I've actually never seen the film. It was supposed to be used in seminary classes, or so I've been told. I wondered if the film was actually ever made, but someone once recognized me and asked if I was ever in a seminary film where I donated blood. Because of Mad Cow Disease, I was unable to donate blood for several years, but after a revision of the rules, I could donate blood because I lived in Denmark for two years and not England.

My boss at Job #2 has, for the past few years, held a blood drive on Tax Day. This year, even though Tax Day is on April 18th, we're having a blood drive on April 15th (if you're in the area, please sign up for a time and donate...).

I spent part of the day dropping by local businesses, which in my suburban town, there aren't too many, and asked them if they would put up a poster to advertise the blood drive. One of the locals I visited was Anson Clark's barbershop, a place I have no need to patronize. I'd like to be able to pay someone to cut my hair, but in my case, it's really a poor allocation of funds.

The drive's four weeks from today. I'm hoping it's a huge success.

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