Saturday, March 26, 2011

My First Writer's Conference...

Around 3 pm today, the chair on which I had been sitting since just before 9 am (with a couple of breaks, and lunch in between...) got really uncomfortable. So much so, I may feel the effects of the plastic chair tomorrow as I sit through a few hours of religious meetings. I believe, however, the chairs tomorrow will be padded. That's what 10% of your income gets you, and I have never paid 10% of my income to the Bountiful Art Center. Perhaps that's the reason for the hard chairs...

Today I attended my first writer's conference. How was it? Let's put it this way. You know those times when you know you need help (with something...), but you're not sure where to look for answers? Well, maybe you don't, but as a writer you--and by 'you' I mean 'me'--are always wondering if you know anything about the craft of writing. Today I found out that a writer's conference is an EXCELLENT place to get help. I believe I hear the distant sound of a huge "Duh!" from any writer reading this post who already knows this.

The conference included four speakers speaking on five topics.

Jennifer Nielsen, who gave an excellent presentation on characterization and was kind enough to sign a book for me (actually, it's for my daughter whose birthday is coming up, but she doesn't read this blog, so please don't tell her about it...).

John Brown, who gave two hours of amazing insight into the world of creativity and structure. I didn't think accountants could be so funny...

Margot Holvey, someone I call a friend who did a wonderful job even though she was very nervous but should not have been who would chide me unmercifully for the poor grammar structure of this sentence if I were in her critique group but am not... (whew...).

And Marion Jensen, a writer who helped me realize that, like humans using their brain potential, I am only utilizing a small portion of social media site's potential. I look forward to gleaning his literary wisdom through the written word and his podcasts. And, who I found out today, is Google's leading expert on exploding coconuts.

Looking around at the many variations of writers in attendance, it was an inspiring and uplifting experience. I look forward to attending more conferences in the future. Please visit their websites if you want to learn more about these talented writers. I had a good day.

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  1. You didn't know that accountants could be that funny?! Where have you been the past 19 years!!!