Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little About The Vertical Challenge

Hey folks! Like many of you, I had a wonderful day and I wish you all could have been at Snowbasin Ski Resort to enjoy the day with us...maybe next year.

I work two jobs and they couldn't be further apart. My full-time job is in the public sector, and my part-time job is in the private sector. The way both organizations operate are so different and for obvious reasons. Today I worked in the private sector and had a great time.

This year's Vertical Challenge was the best and biggest ever. The goal for next year will be to make it bigger and better than this year's event.

For those of you who ski, you could not have asked for a better day. The sun was out, day-old powder was available for those who crave such action, and a bunch of charitable people donated a lot of money to a good organization and had a blast doing it.

Yes, I work in two worlds, both needed, both important, but am I a bad person to say that one is better than the other? I hope not.

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